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New Jersey based APG Group is the exclusive distributor for thermo-formed printing process here in the US, known as ap3d.


This printing process is a more dynamic alternative to flat one dimensional printing, and can be used in a myriad of ways including Point-of-Purchase Displays, Standees, Posters, Backlit Signage, Counter Cards, Case Cards and Dangers to name a few. 


This exclusive printing process uses a PVC sheet which allows for greater draw. First printed offset, the tooling is then hand sculptured from printed art thus creating a highly detailed multilevel mold. The result, a break-through way to cut through the clutter in a crowded retail environment. 


Additional opportunities exist for branded saleable consumer items in the form of greeting cards, postcards, calendars and clocks to name a few. 


Available in various finishes, as well as mounting and die cutting. Overall production time is approximately 6 weeks, and minimum quantities apply. 

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